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How to Secure Your Business Sales Funnel

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Creating a sales funnel is not negotiable for anyone who has an online business. You need the sales funnel to convert your website visitors to paying customers. Otherwise, you will struggle to make money.

The primary goal of any sales funnel is to guide people, mostly visitors, from one stage to another until they are ready to make purchases. Therefore, your sales funnel is a vital marketing concept you need to tweak continuously to generate leads.

You can’t always rely on the current list you have because there’s no guarantee that they’ll stick around. You need to continually tweak your lead generation strategy to keep new leads flowing into your sales funnel.

You have to think of how to keep your sales funnel secure consistently. That’s the only way you can guarantee continuous sales.

Here is where Kartra comes in handy. After reading this piece, you will know about Kartra. You will understand how it works and what it can do for you.

What is Kartra?

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If you are not new to marketing, you must have heard names like Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft, Kajabi, Leadpages, and other top marketing tools. Kartra does the same work as these top marketing tools and offers a little more on top.

What is Kartra? Kartra does all the marketing stuff plus extra by connecting them in a single account. It takes the “whole package approach.” It is an all-in-one marketing platform that consolidates your sales pages, landing pages, membership sites, online courses, email systems, payment, and all others.

Advantages of Kartra’s Approach

Now, you may want to ask, why is this so important? The answer is quite simple.

The first reason is that you do not have to switch between several tools that offer different functions. You can have all you need in one place, making it easier to manage your business.

Again, it lets you virtually see your customer’s journey through your sales funnel. They move from email sequence, signing up for your products, and then memberships.

Finally, you can easily track your marketing goals because all you need are in one place. Your videos opt-in forms, courses, landing pages, and payments are in one place.

Drawbacks to Kartra’s Approach

Kartra is a great tool. But only pro marketers will probably find it useful because you need an active email list, or a proactive game plan to make sales and maximize the platform.

Newbies or those who do not have an active email list may struggle to monetize, break-even, and profit.

If you already have an active audience of people to sell to and have a clear strategy to sell your products, Kartra is the marketing tool you need.

Features of Kartra

What then are the features of Kartra and let’s look into how each one works to support your business.

1. Funnel Builder

Kartra lets you effortlessly build a sales funnel. It has a drag and drop feature that enables you to create your sales funnel from start to finish.

Create a starting rule for your sequence, such as prompting someone to fill a form. Next is to communicate with the client by sending them an email. You’ll need to add the date, the person’s name, etc.

Continue to develop until you guide the client to the end of the sales funnel. Make sure you connect at each step. Then, you activate the steps so that it goes online.

2. Email marketing

Any professional online business owner will agree that email marketing is the best form of marketing. Kartra allows you to create emails broadcast and campaigns effortlessly. That is why building your email list is essential.

Kartra has an intuitive email builder. It makes it easy to customize your emails with videos, headers image, call to action, testimonials, buttons, and every other component needed to make your emails convert to sales.

You also get to segment your email list so that your audience can receive tailored emails; content based on customer behavior. This attribute ensures you relate to customers personally, and that’s a great customer conversion strategy.

3. Landing Pages by Kartra

Landing pages are another crucial feature Kartra offers. With Kartra, you get to organize your landing pages based on categories. This feature becomes useful when you need to find a page to edit or clone quickly. Therefore, you can build a page, name the page, publish it, and get it up and running quickly.

It’s quite easy to create the sales page and link it to a checkout page because you have your sales page and checkout pages in one place. You can also quickly embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Kart.

Lastly, you can add SEO or tracking code in the setting. This feature comes handy when you have running Facebook ads.

4. Products and Payments

Kartra is what you need when looking for a marketing tool that makes payments for products quickly. Its product and payment functionality makes it easy for you to create a range of payment process to suit any product.

There are various payment options available such as recurring payment, one-time payment, installments, etc. Each time you create a variety of products such as eBooks, online courses, or any service, you can easily set any payment options.

5. Analytics

This feature is one of the best any marketer can have. With Kartra integrated analytics, you have complete tracking of your customer’s movement from entering your sales funnel to your emailing sequence, product purchase, and subscribe to your membership category. You can view these from your Kartra dashboard.

From your dashboard, you get to measure important metrics such as traffic, sales, conversions, subscriptions, etc. Therefore, Kartra makes it easy to check and keep track of your business growth and let you know the key areas you still need to work on.


So now you know what Kartra is about and how it can help you build your business. This tool is a big one for you and your business. More than any other expensive platform in the market, Kartra is the simple way to move the needle forward in your online business.